Norwalk Firearm Possession Lawyer

Norwalk Firearm Possession Lawyer

Norwalk Firearm Possession Attorneys

Possessing a firearm in Norwalk is regulated by both the state of California and the federal government. Residents must follow these regulations closely to keep their firearms and carry them legally. Mandatory background checks and waiting periods before being able to purchase a gun are two of the most common regulations to follow. As the use of firearms increases in prevalence, a Norwalk firearm possession lawyer can support any legal disputes.

At Gibbons & Gibbons, we have helped countless clients across Norwalk navigate firearm laws and regulations. We understand how stressful it can feel to be in the middle of a legal battle and not understand what options exist to ensure your rights are not violated. Fortunately, our team of knowledgeable defense lawyers is standing by, ready to fill in these knowledge gaps and ensure no one takes advantage of you at any point in the legal process.

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Norwalk Firearm Possession Lawyer

Owning a Firearm Compliantly

Whether it’s a gun or pistol, the act of possessing a firearm in Norwalk requires a proficient understanding of both state and federal regulations. The laws have been specifically designed to keep the residents of Norwalk safe, whether they own a gun themselves or are surrounded by someone who does. Some key ones to know include:

Mandatory background checks: Everyone interested in owning a firearm is required to undergo a formal background check. This would screen for certain behaviors and events that could suggest an individual is at risk if they were to own a firearm, such as a criminal history or mental health issues.

Waiting periods: California requires a waiting period of 10 days between when an individual purchases a firearm and when they are able to possess it. The intent behind this regulation is to avoid any scenarios where someone is purchasing a gun impulsively to act on an immediate rage of violence. The 10-day window provides time for someone to “cool down” from their rage or deters them from purchasing one in the first place due to the wait.

Safe storage laws: Those who own firearms are required to safely store them away in a manner that restricts access from everyone except their legal owner. Anyone found noncompliant with safety regulations could put themself in a position of being held criminally liable. This is especially true if someone accessed an improperly stored gun and used it to commit a crime.

Reporting requirements: If someone fails to report their firearm as lost or stolen to the police five days after they realized it went missing, they could face consequences. This is a strict regulation as locating the missing firearm before someone uses it to commit a crime can prevent injury to the intended victims.

Anyone who is found guilty of violating these regulations could be arrested and face charges for unlawful possession. Depending on how severe the noncompliant act was, the individual found guilty could face significant fines, a jail sentence, or even lose their Second Amendment right to bear arms for a specified period of time. These strict measures are in place to deter the behavior from happening as much as possible and to keep Norwalk safe.

Is Gun Possession a Misdemeanor in California?

Whether or not a specific form of unauthorized gun possession is a misdemeanor or felony will depend on different factors. These factors will explore the specific circumstances of the individual’s gun possession and if they have any criminal history or are a first-time offender.

For those who are a first-time offender, being caught possessing a gun that is not authorized will likely be treated as a misdemeanor. Often, these are scenarios where someone does not have a permit or brings a registered gun into a restricted area. Possession may escalate to a felony if the weapon is loaded or used for aggravating circumstances, like brandishing the gun in a threatening manner.

Weapon Possession FAQs

Q: How Much Time Can You Get for Possession of a Firearm in California?

A: How much jail time you can get for possession of a firearm in California is dependent on whether the firearm charge is a misdemeanor or felony, in addition to if the individual has a criminal history and if there were any aggravating circumstances in the case. A misdemeanor charge could carry a penalty of time in county jail, while more severe felony charges could require several years in state prison. More penalties could be added to this if the firearm was used for a crime.

Q: Are There Places You Can’t Carry a Firearm in California?

A: Yes, there are places you can’t carry a firearm in California, even if it was legally purchased and all concealed carry rules are followed. Some of those places are airports or airport terminals, public meetings, transportation facilities, government buildings, and schools. If this law is violated, the gun owner may not be allowed to own a firearm.

Q: What Disqualifies You From Owning A Gun In California?

A: The most common reasons why someone wouldn’t be allowed to own a gun in California are due to prior convictions, being under an active domestic violence restraining order, or having certain mental illnesses. Age could also be a factor, as no one under the age of 18 is allowed to possess a gun. Those under 21 are generally not allowed to purchase a handgun. Having a recent conviction can also restrict you from purchasing a firearm, depending on the crime.

Q: Can You Travel to Other States with A California-Registered Firearm?

A: Firearm laws vary across the United States, so it’s important to understand each state’s specific rules if you plan to travel with your weapon. For example, some states may have a reciprocal agreement in place. This means that the state would recognize, for example, a concealed carry permit from California while other states without this agreement would not.

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