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Los Angeles Aggravated DUI Lawyer

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Being charged with a DUI can be a scary experience. From the moment you are pulled over, law enforcement are looking to make a case against you and ensure you face the maximum penalty of the law. In some cases, aggravating factors can be added to your charges to make the consequences worse. If this happened to you, call the Los Angeles aggravated DUI lawyers at Gibbons & Gibbons to schedule a free consultation and get started planning your defense.

Any time a person is caught driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of more than .08 percent, they can be charged with DUI, leading to criminal penalties of a license suspension of 6 months, mandatory treatment programs, and possible vehicle confiscation. However, if there are aggravating factors involved, sentencing can be worse.

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What is Aggravated DUI in California?

In California, aggravated driving while intoxicated or aggravated DUI means that there were factors in your DUI that cause the courts to take it more seriously. In California, these are known as enhancements.

What Causes an Aggravated DUI?

Aggravating factors can include:

  • Having more than 1 DUI within a 10-year period
  • Driving while impaired with passengers under the age of 14
  • Refusing to submit to a blood or breath test
  • Having a BAC reading of .20 percent
  • Driving over 20 mph over the speed limit on roadways and over 30 mph above the limit on freeways
  • Causing an accident that results in serious injury or deathbest aggravated drunk driving lawyer los angeles

What are the Penalties for an Aggravated DUI in California?

Once an officer decides you have been drinking, they will perform a number of tests to try and gain evidence that will harm your ability to avoid a conviction. Don’t try and talk your way out of a DUI, especially when there are aggravating factors. You need an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney on your side.

If convicted of aggravated DUI, you could face:

  • At least 180 days in jail
  • Up to $3,000 in fines
  • License suspension of up to 4 years
  • Mandatory alcohol education program

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You don’t have to face these charges alone. At Gibbons & Gibbons, we can provide you with helpful information to begin building a strong defense. You have options, and our Los Angeles and Orange County aggravated DUI lawyers can help you make the best use of them.

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