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Professionalism, Responsiveness

I went in for an initial consultation and I was very happy that I did. Joe is very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend using them.

Garrett Shaw

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Worked with Chelsea Krueger on a TRO case. She was fantastic. Very smart, responsive, innovative, compassionate, professional and patient. We won our case of course. Couldn’t have done it without her!!!

Julie Jones

When you want to consider a Criminal Defense Team that has knowledge and education and knows what they are doing , you need to think Gibbons Gibbons & Gibbons. A law team that is not only there to represent you but to also give you the understanding you need. Don’t let the win pass you bye. This team is phenomenal in every aspect. If I could rate them a golden star I would .

Harbor Area

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This is not just any law firm they go above and beyond and really care about their client’s and families. They were there for my family and I. When I needed someone to represent me they went above and beyond to be there. Even when I did not tell them I had court if they were there they helped me. If it wasn’t for this law firm I would not be with my family right now. I highly recommend this law firm. Thank you for everything.

Sara Bastedo

Professionalism, Responsiveness

Consulted with Mr. Marc Gibbons today and was very impressed with his knowledge, experience and honesty. A lawyer with a passion that seems to take a real personal interest in each client. I was fully satisfied when Mr. Gibbons answered my questions and put me more at ease. Please consider giving this man a call. Very professional.

Brooke Espinoza

Top notch attorneys. Got my case dismissed even when I thought a conviction was certain.

kenneth sellers

The best on the planet …no doubt the best , thank you for all your help today, my wife got the best deal ever Ms. Kim and our whole family will forever be grateful to you. Thanks mark

Jumaro Ramirez

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Back in 2019 I was charged with a DUI & G.B.I charges i was facing a mandatory 90 days if convicted for a first offense not including the strike & felony I was facing as well. My fiance at the time was the one who found the law corporation of GiBBONS & GIBBONS attorney at law. Although my case wasn’t an easy one to start with. Mr Gibbons was very informative on what was going to happen & what the process would be like and I’m gratefully thankful for that. Mr Gibbons’s son Marc Gibbons was the one taking care of my case most of the time Marc is an exceptional lawyer this man is not someone who takes no for answer or gives up. Marc was able to get my G.B.I charges dropped as well as the strike and get me a plea deal of 3 years probation and no jail time. If you ask me that was a good deal on my part. I’m thankful that my fiance found mr Gibbons & his son marc Gibbons. Two very exceptional lawyers and I’m highly grateful for them taking my case & winning it because i do believe thats what happened in my case thank you Marc Gibbons for not giving up on me and if you are in need of exceptional lawyers then I highly recommend this Law Firm

Alfredo llamas

I would certainly recommend this firm. Face to face consultation, clear and concise terms of services to be expected, flat fee with no surprises, prompt responses to your inquiries, and their unparalleled experiences. Thank you so much Chelsea, Marc, and Joe. The whole team came to our aid. Much appreciated.

Dave Kim

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Marc Gibbons is fantastic attorney. Got my criminal cases dismissed when I least expected. Good attorney’s like Marc sometimes are rare to find. Thumbs up and keep up the good work Marc. Thank you.

Bright Adeleke

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Don’t make the mistake of trying to navigate the legal system on your own. The legal system is confusing and has unlimited resources to use against you. Simply forgetting to check a box on a legal form can have tremendous effect on your case. When I retained Gibbons and Gibbons I not only had a personal attorney, I had the support of the entire firm working on my behalf. That means every attorney and all of every attorney’s resources are available for your benefit. Thank you, to the entire team and a very special thank you to Chelsea!


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Marc and Joe were amazing and helped my family so much during a very hard time. They were always available when we called, answered every question thoroughly, knowledgeable and most of all trustworthy. In my experience it’s hard to find an attorney you can trust. Marc and Joe are attorneys you can trust. I am eternally grateful to them for all of their help and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good criminal defense attorney.

Ashley IvieLeague

Great company very friendly, this is my families go to firm always willing to help us. Got my case over with very fast and simple.

Zakar Carter

I called Mark after getting off the phone with another attorney who was not making a whole lot of sense. He was able to get everything finalized as promised. He has a light personality that eased my anxiety about the situation. Going through something like this especially when you are wrongly accused is one of the most stressful things in life. Thank you to Mark for putting me at ease through the whole process. A big thanks to Joe as well. Cheers


The reviews don’t lie. I called this week about my husband case 10 years ago for his record issue. All the teams and the staff are very professional and helpful with gibbons himself. They’re very professional on answering all the questions I needed they’re working on my husband case. I know I called the right people from the start by the first phone call I had. Very professional at their job.

Judy Chao

Highly recommend this firm. They are extremely professional and informative. They were always available when I called and walked me through every step of my daughter’s case. They are experts at what they do! Her case was dismissed.

If you or a family member are in a tough situation facing a criminal charge this is the firm to go with. No judgment, they are there to help you out of the situation.

Monica Mora

On behalf of my family and myself, I thank you Marc, you literally saved my future and my freedom. I will never stop thanking you and your wonderful team at Gibbons & Gibbons for the excellent job you did on my criminal case. When all my hopes were lost and I had resigned myself to being a fugitive for the rest of my life or spending up to 5 years in prison, I found you, and thanks to your experience, respect, excellent reputation, dedication, love and passion with which you perform in your profession as a lawyer you achieved the impossible, and you solved my life. You managed to minimize a serious crime and the second charge against me disappeared, giving me the opportunity to continue my life in peace. I know that without you it would not have been possible, previously dozens of lawyers had told me that it was impossible not to pay serious consequences for the crime that I unconsciously committed. You got me a minimum sentence without having to pay prison time or an exuberant fine. I am happy and grateful with the sentence you achieved for me. Without a doubt Marc Gibbons is the best lawyer in the state of California and beyond. The lawyer that I recommend 100% with the certainty that there will not be an impossible case to solve if you take it into your hands. Thank you today and always for changing my life.

Dolores Acevedo

Hello Mr. Joseph Gibbons

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you on behalf of my family for representing my brother (GG) during his case. From start to finish, Mr. Gibbons was responsive and guided my family in the most proactive way to a successful outcome.

We’ve never really needed an attorney before, didn’t understand all the complexities of due process, and was a bit skeptical at first of who we would entrust our monies to.

Mr. Gibbons however, expertly reassured us with his competence and professionalism every step of the way. He absolutely delivered!

It became very apparent at the court house that not everyone has access to such a trusted and valued attorney. You don’t realize how much a good name is worth in this business until you see how an attorney’s reputation has the power to literally capsize or overturn your case.

His sense of calm and knowledgeable insight offered an emotional comfort to myself and my family during this trying process and while empathetic, he gracefully kept it very candid about what we could hope to expect from the trial. (SPOILER: He was right about everything!)

Moreover, we’re looking forward to all of this being behind us but are eternally grateful to God for sending this amazing man to help us during our time of need.

For those of you scouring Google and Yelp, look no more. This is the attorney you need to represent you!!

AC and Family

This team saved my life.

I am truly grateful for the services of Gibbons& Gibbons. This team saved my life as I was about to face 25 to life in prison for murder. Day after day of going to court and this team, so dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy men actually fighting to help save my own freedom. I was so very THANKFUL that I hired The Gibbon’s. After so much hard work I was finally released. This is why I say they saved my life. 10 years later here I am with a beautiful family and a great job. I highly recommend their services.


Very honest, straight forward, kind and helpful.

This is a great Law firm. Joseph Gibbons and his family are very honest, straight forward, kind and helpful. They calmed my family when they were scared and alone. Joseph has 33+ years of practicing criminal law. I highly recommend this firm if you ever find yourself in need of a knowledgeable defense lawyer.


I highly recommend Mr. Gibbons without hesitation.

Mr. Gibbons is a skilled, knowledgeable, and competent criminal defense lawyer. He handled my case with professionalism and empathy that exceeded all of my expectations. His experiences shine in dealing with the court system outside and inside the courtroom. I highly recommend Mr. Gibbons without hesitation.

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