Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges is exceedingly stressful, especially when considering the lifelong consequences of a criminal conviction. One of the most important factors in any criminal trial is a strong defense. Between crafting a strong case and advancing it in court, a skilled Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer is the best asset for any criminal case. In Los Angeles, Gibbons & Gibbons are here to provide the necessary skills needed to defend those accused of any crime.

What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

A criminal defense lawyer provides the legal skills needed to discredit criminal allegations brought against a defendant. Criminal defense lawyers can support and defend anyone charged with any crime, from felonies to misdemeanors. These attorneys help their clients present their cases before a judge. This requires thorough familiarity with all state criminal law statutes, which allows these lawyers to take on a wide variety of cases.

Criminal defense lawyers can look at a case from all possible perspectives, creating a solid defense that can withstand the prosecution’s questioning. They are knowledgeable about how criminal accusations are developed, managed, and supported from the perspectives of both the state and the defense. This gives them an advantage when seeking holes in the prosecution’s claims.

Types of Crimes Handled by a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers deal with cases involving individuals breaking criminal statutes outlined in California’s state Penal Code. These charges can range in severity and escalation based on the facts of the case. A criminal defense lawyer can provide legal support to their clients in the courtroom for crimes such as:

  • Assault: An assault is a deliberate attempt to harm or injure another person. The punishment for assault might vary and be adjusted based on the severity of the incident. For instance, misdemeanor charges, rather than felony charges, are frequently brought against those who commit basic assault offenses like punching or hitting another person. Depending on the damage and injuries produced by the episode, the defendant could be charged with aggravated assault. Aggravated assault typically involves more harm, either permanent or temporary, or the potential use of a weapon.
  • DUI: DUIs, or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, are among the most frequently committed infractions in the country. Depending on the case’s unique circumstances, DUI charges may be sought at either the misdemeanor or felony level. For instance, a subsequent DUI arrest will frequently result in a harsher punishment and longer jail sentence than a first DUI conviction. Any party that suffers physical harm because of the DUI offender can file a civil claim for their damages.
  • Sex Crimes: Sex crimes revolve around nonconsensual sexual acts or the sexualization of another party. Sex crimes range from violent offenses like rape to instances of indecent exposure, making them pursuable at the felony or misdemeanor level. For some sex crimes, especially those involving children, the penalties are often heightened due to the vulnerability of the victims.
  • Theft: According to California law, any property seizure obtained illegally qualifies as theft. Theft involves taking something from a person’s residence, car, or place of business without their express consent. Each type of theft is different because the severity and duration of the sentences depend on the value of what was taken. For some theft crimes, namely robbery, these charges are considered “violent crimes,” which can warrant harsher sentencing if convicted.

The facts and severity of each case will vary, which can lead to either misdemeanor or felony charges. Some crimes, such as murder, will always be pursued at the felony level. These require a strong defense lawyer to make an airtight case for their client. Regardless of whether a crime is a misdemeanor or felony, securing a criminal defense attorney for state and federal-level charges is imperative for a fair trial.

Criminal Law Attorney FAQs

Q: How much is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney?

A: A criminal defense lawyer typically charges $300 per hour, although the exact amount for their services will depend considerably on each case. For example, there may be a case that requires a longer trial, either due to the jury’s deliberation or the amount of information in the evidence. The price for a defense attorney’s services could be considerably higher than in shorter, less complicated trials.

Q: What makes a good criminal defense lawyer?

A: Any good defense lawyer will be unbiased, helpful, knowledgeable, and able to prove their expertise to their clients. A good criminal defense lawyer will take on their client’s case with integrity, providing them with the support they are entitled to throughout their trial. In cases involving high-profile individuals or crimes, for example, murder trials, providing emotional support for their clients while they are thrown into the spotlight is important as well.

Q: Do criminal defense lawyers choose who they defend?

A: Just as those facing criminal charges have the option to choose their representation, criminal defense attorneys can choose whether they represent a specific client. Public defenders, however, cannot choose the cases they are assigned unless their clients can provide their own legal counsel. Ultimately, the best way to ensure proper legal representation is to contact a criminal defense attorney and meet with them. Use the consultation to explain the situation and secure their services.

Q: What is the strongest type of defense for a criminal charge?

A: Establishing an alibi, which includes providing proof that the defendant was not present where and when the crime took place, proves that they could not have done the crime. This is one of the most effective and convincing legal defenses used when accused of committing a crime in California. The chances of being acquitted substantially increase if an alibi can be established.

Finding a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Firm

The first step anyone facing criminal charges should take after being arrested is contacting a criminal defense lawyer. Once representation is secured, a criminal defense attorney can start building a case, helping their client prepare for arraignment. Gibbons & Gibbons are top-tier Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys ready to take on any client. Visit our website and contact us today for more information on our services.

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