Long Beach White Collar Crime Lawyer

Long Beach White Collar Crime Lawyer

Long Beach White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

A crucial tool after any charge involving fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, or any other such crime is an experienced Long Beach white collar crime defense attorney. Facing criminal charges in Long Beach is a life-changing experience. While most people understand that violent offenses typically carry the harshest penalties under the California Criminal Code, it is also possible to face a long prison sentence for the completely nonviolent offense of white collar crime. If you face that offense, you need a white collar crime attorney you can trust.

Best Long Beach White Collar Crime Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation for White Collar Crime in Long Beach, CA

The term “white collar crime” applies to a wide range of crimes that are generally financial in nature and typically involve some type of fraud, abuse of a position of power or influence, and concealment. Many types of cases unfold under the state’s white collar crime laws, and if you have been charged with any such offense, you will need a Long Beach white collar crime lawyer to defend you.

The attorneys at Gibbons & Gibbons have extensive experience with white collar crime cases and solely practice criminal defense for clients in the Long Beach area. We have cultivated a strong reputation as a leading choice for criminal defense representation and can provide the guidance and support you need for this challenging type of case.

Know Your Rights After Arrest

When you are arrested for any criminal offense in Long Beach, you have the right to remain silent, which you should exercise until you can speak with a legal representative. You are under no obligation to act as a witness against yourself, meaning you do not need to answer any questions from the police. You also have the right to legal counsel, and it is vital that you connect with a Long Beach white collar crime defense attorney as soon as possible after arrest.

Your attorney can review the charges against you and ensure that the police handled your arrest and booking appropriately. If an experienced defense attorney notices any due process violations or violations of a client’s civil or constitutional rights, this is sometimes enough to have a criminal case thrown out. However, white collar crime cases are typically built upon solid foundations of evidence gathered over long investigations.

Fighting a White Collar Crime Charge

White collar crimes include various forms of fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and many other unlawful activities that typically unfold in business settings. White collar crime cases may also involve multiple defendants working in concert or who have aided and abetted one another’s criminal activities. To successfully convict a defendant of a white collar crime, the prosecution must prove they are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

The severity of the charges against you will typically depend on the amount of money involved and whether multiple offenses have been committed. It’s possible for a defendant to face misdemeanor or felony white collar crime charges under the California Criminal Code.

Your Long Beach white collar crime defense attorney can help you prove whether you were wrongfully accused of a crime you did not commit, unknowingly engaged in unlawful activity, or were coerced to participate in unlawful activity out of fear of losing your job or other reprisals. Ultimately, you may have more defenses available to you than you initially realize, and your defense attorney can help you formulate the most effective defense against the charges you face.

FAQs About White Collar Crimes

Q: What Is White Collar Crime?

A: The term “white collar crime” typically pertains to criminal activity that is nonviolent and financial in nature. Most forms of fraud constitute white collar crimes, and most individuals charged with white collar crimes use their positions of influence for unlawful personal gain. Common examples of white collar crime include securities fraud, insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

Q: What Is the Most Common White Collar Crime?

A: Fraud accounts for more than 60% of all white collar crime reported in the United States each year, and there are many different types of fraud. The general definition of fraud is lying or presenting false information in any official capacity for the purposes of concealing wrongdoing and/or unlawful personal gain. After fraud, embezzlement is the next most commonly reported white collar crime in the United States.

Q: What Is the Penalty for White Collar Crime?

A: White collar crime includes a broad range of various offenses, some of which are misdemeanors while others are felonies. The scope of the illegal activity in question and the amounts stolen typically determine whether a defendant faces misdemeanor or felony white collar crime charges. At the misdemeanor level, the defendant could spend time in county jail along with fines and restitution, and at the felony level, they face time in state prison.

Q: Do I Really Need to Hire a Long Beach White Collar Crime Defense Attorney?

A: It is technically possible to try to represent your own defense, but you have the constitutional right to legal representation for any type of crime in the United States, and it is crucial to take full advantage of this right. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can potentially mean the difference between conviction and case dismissal, so it is always worth hiring a defense attorney you can trust to handle your case.

Q: What Will It Cost to Hire a Long Beach White Collar Crime Defense Attorney?

A: The majority of private criminal defense attorneys bill their clients hourly. The attorney sets an hourly rate based on their availability, experience, and the complexity of the case at hand, and then they will track their time spent working on the case in 10- or 15-minute increments. The more time the defense attorney needs to spend on a case, the more it will cost the client.

Gibbons & Gibbons, Skilled Long Beach White Collar Crime Attorneys

The attorneys at Gibbons & Gibbons know how daunting it can be for anyone to face serious criminal charges for fraud, embezzlement, and other white collar crimes. Whether you or a loved one has been wrongfully accused of a crime you did not commit, or you did break the law and need a defense attorney to help you mitigate your penalties, our firm is standing by to assist you with your case.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation with an experienced Long Beach white collar crime defense attorney and find out how we can empower your defense.

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