Long Beach Gang Crime Lawyer

Long Beach Gang Crime Lawyer

Long Beach Gang Crime Attorney

Gang crime in Long Beach is considered any criminal activity conducted by an organized group of individuals known for their violent or illegal actions. This can include drug trafficking, violent crimes, or even minor crimes like vandalism. Preventing gang crime is a priority for local law enforcement, and the penalties can be severe. If you have been accused of engaging in gang crime, it’s important to seek a Long Beach gang crime lawyer as soon as possible.

At Gibbons & Gibbons, we have a strong command of the intricacies involved in gang crime cases. Our experience lies in developing compelling defense strategies that can help to dismiss or reduce the charges our clients face. We are motivated to defend our clients’ rights and ensure their lives are impacted as little as possible by criminal charges.

Long Beach Gang Crime Lawyer

What Are the Most Common Forms of Gang Crimes in Long Beach, California?

There are several types of crimes that can be linked to gang activity in Long Beach, CA, from homicide to theft. The specific crime you’re charged with will impact your potential penalties.

Violent Crimes

One of the most frequent types of gang-related activity in Long Beach is violent crime. This can include aggravated assault, armed robberies, or even homicide in the most serious cases. It’s not uncommon for gangs to assert their power and control specific territories through violent acts, and the penalties for violent gang crimes can be severe. Violent crimes are often charged as felonies, which can cause you to lose rights and have difficulty finding housing and employment.

Drug Offenses

Another common type of gang-related activity in Long Beach is drug-related offenses. Sometimes, gangs are involved in the distribution and trafficking of illegal substances. Certain gangs might exist solely to manufacture or sell drugs. This could be considered a criminal enterprise that not only includes the gang members themselves but also any other associates who may be helping them outside of the group.

Property Crimes

Different forms of property crimes, such as vandalism and graffiti, are also often associated with gangs. Sometimes, this type of behavior happens as a means of marking territory or sending a strong message to other gangs in the area.

These types of crimes are often met with less severe penalties than gang-related violent crimes, but perpetrators could still face fines and jail time that range in severity depending on the extent of the vandalism. Vandalizing or destroying more expensive property will result in more severe charges and penalties.

Theft and Burglary

Gangs can engage in theft and burglary as a way to make money. These criminal acts can target different types of property, from small personal items to more valuable assets like expensive jewelry or vehicles. Sometimes, these thefts require significant planning and coordination, which can lead to even more severe consequences, such as gang-related charges of conspiracy or organized crime.

Being accused of gang crimes can be extremely frightening. However, it’s important to remember that an accusation is not an automatic guilty verdict. Everyone in the United States has a constitutional right to innocence until proven guilty. Connect with a Long Beach gang crime law firm immediately to begin the process of defending your rights in court.

Long Beach Gang Crime Law FAQs

Q: What Is the New Gang Law in California?

A: The new gang law in California is an effort to combat gang-related crime by enhancing the penalties one would face if found guilty. It expands the definition of gang-related activity and increases the scope of investigation to not only those within the gang but also those linked to various gang enterprises.

The law also attempts to add more community intervention programs to prevent new gang recruitment and dismantle the economic foundations of these groups. Overall, it aims to address the root causes of gang activity while also giving law enforcement more tools to prosecute and prevent these crimes.

Q: Can You Be Forced to Join a Gang?

A: While there is no legal obligation to join a gang, individuals can be unlawfully forced to join a gang. The youth of Long Beach are vulnerable to this process, in which they face forms of threats, violence, or intimidation to force their willingness to participate in the gang. Gangs also target individuals who may be struggling economically or lack family support and may be more inclined to join for the chance to make money or feel a sense of community.

Q: What Legal Defenses Are Available for Those Accused of Gang-Related Crimes?

A: The most effective way to defend someone facing gang-related accusations is to target the prosecution’s evidence. If there is insufficient evidence, this is the easiest thing to speak to in court. Other defenses could include proving there was a lack of direct involvement in the crime or that the individual was falsely identified. If there is any evidence to suggest that the individual was under duress and was forced to commit the crime, this could also be used as a defense.

Ultimately, the most favorable course of action will rest on the specific circumstances and evidence that can only be organized and presented in court with the help of a criminal defense attorney.

Q: How Can I Assess the Qualifications of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A: The first thing you should look for when meeting with a prospective defense attorney is their education and experience. Aside from having the necessary qualifications to represent clients, there should also be an indication that they have already won similar cases. Another helpful tactic is to evaluate their reputation within the community.

Reading reviews online and talking to previous clients they represented can give useful insight into their abilities. Positive reviews mean they’ll be more likely to replicate the same success in your own case.

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At Gibbons & Gibbons, we defend clients accused of gang crimes to minimize the damage to their lives. Our team has extensive experience dealing with these cases and is equipped to defend your rights throughout the entire process. If you have been accused of committing gang crimes in Long Beach, contact our defense attorneys today.

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