Arrested For Shoplifting?


Even if shoplifting seems like a minor issue, it can have a considerable impact on your future. In addition to the fines and possible jail time you could face with a shoplifting conviction, you can also be sued in civil court by the alleged victim. Fight back against shoplifting charges by calling our Southern California theft crime lawyers to contest your charges and keep your record clean.

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Gibbons & Gibbons, A Law Corporation takes great pride in our reputation for success. In our more than 60 collective years of practicing law, we have handled countless criminal cases and secured a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating. This legal excellence is also reflected in our ability to satisfy our clients and maintain a high standing among our legal peers. We are tenacious trial lawyers who fight hard against any type of criminal charges, including theft crimes. You need our team in your corner today!


Shoplifting falls under the category of theft crimes in California, which is any crime involving the unauthorized and illegal taking of another's property with the intention to deprive them of it. The penalties for these crimes can vary, depending on the amount taken, if any violence or force was used, and the location the property was stolen from.

The punishment for a shoplifting conviction includes:

  • Fines of up to $250 for property valued at less than $50 with no prior convictions
  • Up to $1,000 in fines and/or 6 months in jail for property valued at less than $950
  • Between 1 and 3 years in jail and fines for property worth over $950 or if theft of a firearm

Civil penalties for a conviction can hold you liable to repay between $50 and $500, in addition to the retail value of the property stolen if it is not returned in good condition. Our Southern California shoplifting attorney can fight to protect you from these penalties!


Our Southern California criminal defense attorneys can work to defend your rights in and secure the lowest possible penalties on your behalf. We may even be able to negotiate a pretrial diversion program. Rather than a conviction, you would have to perform community service or other court-mandated requirements in exchange for having your charges dismissed.

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