Juvenile Crimes


If you are a minor and have been charged with a crime, or if you are the parent of an underage child who is facing charges, Gibbons & Gibbons can help. We are experienced juvenile defense attorneys who have focused on criminal defense for more than 60 years combined. Our lawyers understand the negative effects that criminal charges and convictions can have on young people and their futures. Their friends and family can lose respect for them, as can their teachers and mentors. Employers will be less likely to trust or hire them, and colleges and universities could reject their applications.

Gibbons & Gibbons truly cares for each client and can fight aggressively against any criminal charges that you or your child is facing. While children are not processed, tried, or penalized the same way as adults, the penalties for a juvenile crime can still be severe. Underage individuals are held in juvenile detention facilities instead of jail and can be sentenced to a residential rehabilitation center if convicted of a serious crime. In some extreme cases, such as first-degree murder, a minor could even be tried as an adult and face the same sentence that a convicted adult would.

Act now to make sure that you or your child is defended by a proven criminal lawyer.


Waiting to hire a capable defense lawyer when you are facing criminal charges can be detrimental to your case. Gibbons & Gibbons offers a free initial consultation, so call us today at (562) 287-8669 to schedule an appointment. When you retain our firm, you gain the personal representation of one of our partners, not an associate or paralegal. We have more than 60 years of combined experience and are a family of attorneys, so you can be confident in our dedication and experience. Contact us today!