Charged with Aggravated DUI?

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There are two types of DUI’s, the normal DUI and an aggravated DUI. An aggravated DUI carries much more severe punishments.

An aggravated DUI circumstance could be:

Under 21 —If you were under 21 when you got your DUI, then the court will want to suspend your license for up to one year. California has a No Tolerance Policy meaning your license will be suspended if any of the following apply to you:

  • If your BAC is higher than .01
  • And/or you refuse to take an alcohol screening test
  • And/or you fail to complete a PAS test

Speeding 30 Miles over Speed Limit — If you were arrested for a DUI, and were found recklessly driving or going at least 25 miles over the speed limit, you could be charged with an aggravated DUI. If you were speeding at least 30MPH over the speed limit and you were recklessly endangering other persons and property the prosecutor could charge you with breaking vehicle code 23582 in addition to your DUI.

Crash into Another Car — If you’re involved in a collision with another car, you would be facing aggravated DUI charges.

Injuring Someone — If you were in an accident and someone was injured as either a passenger in your car or in another car involved, your charges will be brought up to aggravated DUI. 5 days in jail and one year license suspension if anyone is injured. If someone is seriously injured, then you may be charged with a felony DUI and face possible jail time of up to 16 months.

Refusal to take Blood Test — If you refuse to take the blood or breath test, then your crime will be bumped up to aggravated DUI. You may face up to 48 hours in jail and be required to take a 9-month alcohol program and have your license suspended for at least a year.

DUI Probation Violation — If you were already on probation for a DUI or another crime, and you get charged with another DUI, you could face a probation violation hearing. This means you will have to go in front of a judge regarding your old case for violating your probation. This judge has the capacity to sentence you time in jail for probation violation.

2 or 3 DUIs — If you’ve previously been charged with 2 or 3 DUIs, you could face significant jail time, heavy fines and up to 3 years of probation and license suspension.

Hit & Run — If you’ve been charged with a hit and run and DUI you could face increased fines and jail time. If the judge convicts you of both the DUI and the hit and run, you could have four points on your license. The DMV usually will suspend your license up to 6 months for being a negligent operator.

If you’ve been charged with an aggravated DUI, you should seek the legal counsel of an experienced Cerritos DUI Lawyer. At Gibbons & Gibbons we have represented many clients facing DUI charges, we can help you get the best outcome for your situation. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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